Angelica Taylor (August Taylor) Nadia Villanova – Oral Examination

We meet sexy Nadia Villanova in the SCORE dressing room before her new fuck friend JMac arrives to throw her on the bed and fuck her into tomorrow. Or is it the other way around? Now we get to learn more about Nadia. She’s a fun girl, very personable. It’s a fine line when it comes to flirting. Nadia’s been told she has dick-sucking lips. She’s told that all the time. “Guys have no filter,” says Nadia. “I hear that in the grocery store, online, in person a lot. I thank them. I like honesty.” And Nadia hears “Nice tits” all the time, even more than dick-sucking lips. “Especially if they have a teeny bit of alcohol in them.” But she’s used to it. It’s unavoidable sometimes.

Nadia Villanova - Oral Examination